Expert Solutions for Your Engine Issues

Expert Solutions for Your Engine Issues

Stop by our shop in Lawton, OK for engine replacements

Address your engine concerns quickly when you bring your vehicle to Redd's Automotive Repair in Lawton, OK. We offer engine replacement services for engines that are beyond repair. We'll remove the engine block and disassemble it. Then, we'll clean and inspect your engine to determine its condition. Finally, we'll replace any damaged parts with new or refurbished parts. Rest assured your new parts will meet OEM standards, including your new piston rings.

We provide a three- to four-year warranty with unlimited miles nationwide. To schedule your engine replacement, call 580-699-3036 now.

Signs your car needs a new engine

Trust Redd's Automotive Repair in Lawton, OK when you need engine replacement services. We'll make sure your new engine meets OEM standards and is running smoothly before you leave. Contact us for an engine replacement if you notice these five warning signs with your vehicle:

  • Constant overheating
  • Excess exhaust fumes
  • Frequent knocking
  • Metal shavings in transmission oil
  • Major loss in power
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